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Sir Francis Drake

Artist:  G. Williams

Catalog:     N028 
Dimensions:  5 1/2" Diameter x 10"H
Ivory and Stand 
Ivory:  Ancient Mammoth Ivory 
Ivory Size:  3 1/2" Diameter 
Stand:  Bolivian Rosewood with Mammoth Ivory, Ancient Walrus Tusk Ivory and Ebony Inlay (Ship's Wheel 8 1/2" Diameter) 
Artist:  G. Williams 
Price:  Now on Sale
$6,750.00 now $6,075.00  
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   Color scrimshaw on ancient mammoth tusk ivory by G. Williams. We have never had a a work like this masterpiece. First of all, the stand itself. Completely handmade by R. Cash. Each spoke is hand turned, each segment of the wheel fitted precisely together. The mammoth, fossil walrus and ebony inlay in the base mark the points of the compass that the scrimshander has incorporated into his portrait. Upon removing the wheel from the base, you can remove the ivory to see the detailed map of Drake's epic journey. Notice  the handmade ivory attachments with threaded screws that secure the ivory disc to the wheel itself. Brilliant! Notice, also, that the wheel has a slight tilt in order for the proud owner to fully appreciate the scrimshaw as it sits on his desk. A great deal of thought and work went into this piece.

We asked for Drake because he landed here in Marin County on his voyage in order to make repairs on his vessel. Williams has a way with portraits. You can discern a trace of the pirate and slave trader that preceded Drake's fame upon his return to England. Check out the close-ups on Drake's collar. You can even see the pattern on the lace! Great small detail.
This one is an outstanding combination of two exceptional talents, Cash and Williams.


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Our Scrimshaw section contains one of a kind pieces by some of the most renowned West coast, local and national scrimshanders today. They use only the best Ancient Mammoth, Walrus Tusk, Whale Tooth and African Ivory. Our scrimshaw videos are intended to showcase our artists' high-level of craftsmanship and expert detailing in every piece we highlight.

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