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Ivory Jewelry 


Stare Down

Artist:  Gary Williams

Catalog:     P020 
Dimensions:  5"W x 5"D x 11 7/8"H
Ivory and Stand 
Ivory:  Ancient Walrus Tusk Ivory Artifact 
Ivory Size:  2 1/2"W x 9 1/2"H 
Stand:  Koa, Cocobolo, and Ancient Walrus Tusk Ivory 
Artist:  Gary Williams 
Price:  $3,750.00  
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   Color scrimshaw on ancient walrus tusk ivory artifact by Gary Williams. Incredibly detailed work by Williams on this massive artifact. This was a piece of "beach ivory" with most of the outer layers washed away as it rolled in the sand and pebbles over the years. However, enough of the outer layer remained for scrimshaw. The ivory was deeply colored, the result of minerals in the area penetrating into the ivory. A nice window was at the top and the bottom was deeply colored. This is where the scrimshander showed his remarkable creativity. Using the lighter tones of the ivory for the face was brilliant and the feathers down the front are highlighted by the natural color in the ivory itself. This is a very large artifact, weighing one pound nine ounces! Not many left like this anymore. It was used as an ice axe hundreds and hundreds of years ago. This is a very, very well done piece.


Scrimshaw Video

Our Scrimshaw section contains one of a kind pieces by some of the most renowned West coast, local and national scrimshanders today. They use only the best Ancient Mammoth, Walrus Tusk, Whale Tooth and African Ivory. Our scrimshaw videos are intended to showcase our artists' high-level of craftsmanship and expert detailing in every piece we highlight.

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