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Artist - Cliff LounsburyI am Cliff Lounsbury, a professional wood artist and father. I love the outdoors, particularly when it has to do with fishing. I exhibit my work nationally through galleries and at high-end art shows. I also show my work in national teapot exhibits. Did I say I am a fisherman? I am also an inventor and collector of useless information and objects. My work includes two main bodies. One is large-scale, often human scale, and includes turned and carved items. A second body consists of shapes not traditionally recognized as wood objects. Most of my work originates on the lathe and is later altered by carving, burning and dyeing, Attitude and whimsy also play a big part in my shaping process. I get a big kick out of objects that can be used once. My process is quite simple. I mount wood on a lathe, turn it a little, carve it a little, then hollow it. I use tools that I make and sell, by the way. Then I sand the piece, and don’t stop sanding, until I finish it. Pretty simple.