Gary Lucy


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Gary LucyGary R. Lucy recently completed his 28th year as a professional artist. Lucy’s art is at once both simple and profound. His colorful canvases of 19th century life on America’s Inland Waterways continue to win him an ever-increasing number of fans. Lucy grew up in southeastern Missouri’s “Bootheel”.

Gary graduated from Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1971 with a degree in Art Education. After graduation, he immediately began his career as an elementary art instructor in the Washington, Missouri School District. However, after only one year, he acknowledged that his real desire was to become a full-time, professional artist.

Gary spent 12 years as an award-winning wildlife artist. By 1985, he was ready to move on. The direction of his future suggested itself as he worked in his studio overlooking the Missouri River… and became apparent as his interest expanded in the river and frontier themes of Bingham and Benton. Today, the 51 year old artist’s continuing output of major pieces is viewed by many as the unchallenged American benchmark of work that deals with our nation’s rivers, the first highways West.