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Jeffrey SeatonJeffrey and Katrina started creating their collaborative pieces in the late 80s. They moved from Ojai, CA in 2011, and are now living in mountains east of Albuquerque in Sandia Park, New Mexico. Together their collaboration of metal and wood create an aesthetically pleasing, and lasting work of art. One of the main benefits of having a husband and wife team work together is in the design aspects. Katrina’s background in stained glass brought her sense of color and design to Jeffrey’s commitment to fine woodworking techniques.

We select only the most unusual hardwoods for their color, figure and enduring beauty. Our exclusive seven step sanding process combined with all natural clear oil and wax finish, creates a satin like finish comparable to polished stone. It is this unique process combined with this devotion to quality and imagination that is reflected in these one of a kind containers. Every wood has a story, a historical progression that it has gone through before it gets to our workshop. Some tell their story visually, others tactility, or aromatically.

People often ask “Where do you get your woods”? we obtain our woods from years of wood source networking, which includes a network of wood lovers, importers, other craftsmen, and our local forest (if we are lucky). We are inspired by nature, and are avid hikers and cyclists and appreciate all nature has to offer.