This moving image was inspired by the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ epic voyage. Mecray has moved back from his usual close-in perspective to emphasize the sea itself, vividly capturing it’s sweeping power. By diminishing the three 15th century caravels the artist has symbolized the desolate sense of the unexplored world. The sunrise representing hope, indicates Columbus’ three ships are sailing westward. The darkness on the left signifies the unknown. Will the dawn make the course less foreboding and will the menacing clouds diminish? Will the black sea ever turn the azure blue of a welcoming shore? Even the modern sailor who has ventured offshore overnight can relate to the feelings so well expressed in this allegorical painting. “1492” is a departure for the artist, adding a new dimension to the scope of his powerful collection. The calligraphy for the title is yet another tour de force.

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