5 Hook Splasher Lure Sculpture


Handmade 5 Hook Splasher Lure sculpture by Ken Picou. A favorite among lure collectors, the original small lure is highly prized. This “turn of the century” lure features very large aluminum propellers and an amazing number of hooks. Lures of this style were made by many different lure companies and seem to have worked well in the days before fish had ever seen a hook. This lure is among our best sellers and a must if your are going for antique decor. Features green body with black and yellow spots and a cream underbelly with red smile underneath.

This eye catching sculpture is hand crafted out of Louisiana cypress. Each sculpture has as many as 15 coats of paint. The solid steel hooks are actual fishing hooks used in the Norwegian fishing industry. These pieces always bring an instant smile to all who see them. Perfect for the home, office, camp or restaurant. Fishermen love them as they invariably bring back fond memories of fishing with their fathers and grandfathers.

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