Bathymetric Map Monterey Bay, California


Extremely accurate bathymetric map of Monterey Bay, California and surrounding area. Monterey, California is best known for its world-renowned golf course, legendary racetrack, and incredible aquarium… but there’s one more attraction that’s often overlooked; the Monterey Canyon.

Carved by a river several million years ago, the submarine canyon starts right in the middle of the bay and extends a hundred miles out into the Pacific Ocean, reaching depths of over two miles below the surface. We hope that our piece reminds you of this geological wonder–which is similar in scale to the Grand Canyon – that’s hidden just beneath the waves.

This three dimensional map is carved from Baltic birch wood, framed and has a acrylic covering to protect the wood. Professional cartographers are used in the creation of each individual chart in order to insure the utmost accuracy. Some maps come in two sizes in order to fit virtually any area in the home, office or boat. We have charts from areas across the U.S. available on a drop ship basis. This is a great item at an unbelievable price. If you are searching for a particular area, please call or email.

The color will differ slightly with both the frame and background as each of the maps are hand stained and may vary from the picture.