Bathymetric Map San Francisco / Bay Area, California


Extremely accurate bathymetric map of San Francisco Bay, San Pablo Bay, California and surrounding area. A shallow, productive estuary, San Francisco Bay connects the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers with the Pacific Ocean. Gathering the rainfall and snowmelt from an enormous watershed, these outflows drain approximately 40% of California into the bay, which then flows out (under the Golden Gate Bridge) into the Pacific Ocean. It’s the largest Pacific estuary in the Americas and, despite significant mining- and construction-related damage over the past century, it remains a rich part of the coast’s ecosystem.

During the last ice age, the basin was actually above sea-level. It was a large valley, filled with small hills similar to those found along the coast of California today. When the sheets of ice melted, the sea level rose approximately 300 feet, filled the valley, turned it into a bay, and the small hills became islands.

This three dimensional map is carved from Baltic birch wood, framed and has a acrylic covering to protect the wood. Professional cartographers are used in the creation of each individual chart in order to insure the utmost accuracy. Some maps come in two sizes in order to fit virtually any area in the home, office or boat. We have charts from areas across the U.S. available on a drop ship basis. This is a great item at an unbelievable price. If you are searching for a particular area, please call or email.

The color will differ slightly with both the frame and background as each of the maps are hand stained and may vary from the picture.

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