Mystic Seaport: The “Charles W. Morgan” at Chubb’s Wharf by Moonlight


As soon as I heard that this year would be the 150th anniversary of the launching of the CHARLES W MORGAN I was mentally hooked into doing something special. That this superior example of its type has survived the ravages of time is nothing short of a miracle. This panoramic view of the Seaport seemed to me a natural. It allowed ample space for the featured vessel and the entire wharfside street with its carefully restored original buildings, each housing the craft for which it was designed and manned by artisans demonstrating their expertise in period dress. A bright moonlight effect was my choice here as I’ve always loved exploring the contrasts between its cool glow and the enticing warmth of gaslight. The hope is that the viewer will come for a walk in the picture and share the delights of the Mystic experience -John Stobart

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