Nancy Charles Original Drawing – Bobcat


Original drawing in colored pencil by Nancy Charles. Only someone who intimately knows animals and has observed them for years and years would be able to create such a stunning portrait. Of course, Charles was a zookeeper for 25 years, so she definitely learned about these magnificent animals first hand, specially the primates. She raised many of them personally.  This is done by using colored pencils. It takes forever to do one of these portraits. Look closely at the outer edge and you can see the thousands and thousands of tiny pencil marks. Amazing! This one is not framed, however Scrimshaw Gallery has framed several, using an outer mat wrapped in linen and an inner wood gold fillet. Outstanding job on the framing. We have received a tremendous reaction to these since we framed them and put them up in the Gallery. This is something to keep in the family and pass down from one generation to the next.

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