ProTech Automatic Knife – BR-1.3 “Whiskers” California


Black handle with patterned black bolster, stonewashed blade and plain edge. The blade measures just under 2″, making this automatic knife legal in California and other places with similar restrictions on automatic knives. Upon first glance there is nothing about the BR-1 to make you suspect it’s an auto (no button of course). 9 out of 10 people that you hand it to will NOT be able to open it until you show them where the trick spot is. The bolster slides up; this very deliberate movement is what fires the blade open and also unlocks it from the open position. The new BR-1 offers an innovative blade design that will tackle any cutting task with ease, super ergonomic handle, very secure recessed button, and the quality and powerful coil spring action you have come to expect from a ProTech. The new Magic BR-1 is a fantastic addition to the ProTech lineup.

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