Skirted Popper Lure Sculpture


Handmade Skirted Popper Lure sculpture by Ken Picou. This is a bass lure pure and simple and it’s a lure that any folks in the south grew up fishing with. A big splashy popper that looks like a frog and drives bass nuts. It is modeled after the old wooden Heddon Hula Popper. This sculpture features handmade plastic eyes and a teaser tail that is made from actual marlin lure skirts.

This eye catching sculpture is hand crafted out of Louisiana cypress. Each sculpture has as many as 15 coats of paint. The solid steel hooks are actual fishing hooks used in the Norwegian fishing industry. These pieces always bring an instant smile to all who see them. Perfect for the home, office, camp or restaurant. Fishermen love them as they invariably bring back fond memories of fishing with their fathers and grandfathers.

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