Venice: The Salute from the Accademia Bridge


With paints and studio all confined to small black bag with folding seat, the magic of Venice has to be achieved through the time honored method of painting directly from the subject, and subjects abound.

One of the greatest views of the Salute, which so well symbolizes the grandeur of the Venetian scene is from either on, or under the Accademia Bridge, the last bridge over the Grand Canal before it runs into the lagoon. But even in choosing a time when there will be fewer travelers, say in September, the bridge will be crowded, and pitching your spot overlooking this view means that much of the time you’ll be engulfed with visiting groups listening to a guide addressing them in their native tongue. But strangely, as Sargent himself proved on many an occasion, it’s all well worth it!

The beauty of Venice is timeless and concentrating your effort in a two hour “window of opportunity” to capture it in a certain light before that light changes is the greatest challenge. The popularity of the place as a unique shopping area, coupled with the architectural feast for the eyes and the fascination of waterborne transportation add up to a unique charm and as a result, an ambiance, a fountainhead for fond memories. It would seem to be the perfect place to escape from the real world, and for the artist, a place where inspiration and variety abound.

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