Redwood Natural Edge Bowl with Burnt Rim


One of a kind, hand turned redwood natural edge bowl with natural burnt rim by Jerry Kermode. Exquisitely crafted by an artist with over thirty years experience, each bowl tells its own story. Each bowl is first turned while the wood is still wet, then properly cured before the finish turning, burnishing and waxing. The bottom is signed, including the type of wood and date of completion.

The artist has a long standing love affair with trees as their continued growth is as important as the joy of turning. He searches out recycled trees and logs from sustainable harvesting operations. The bowl begins with the study of telltale signs in each log or burl that may reveal hidden beauty.

Redwood trees reach maturity only after 400 to 500 years. Before European settlers discovered this wood’s useful building properties, including its beauty and resistance to rot, the redwood forests stretched from sea level to 3000 feet in vast areas of the central and northern California coasts and into southern Oregon. Many of these bowls were created from the stumps of first growth redwood trees that were harvested well over 100 years ago. Because of the wavy grain often found in the lower section of the trees, the stumps, sometimes as tall as houses, were considered interior for lumber and left in the ground. Forest fires often raged through the area creating the natural burnt edge of many of these beautiful pieces. Not many old growth stumps left anymore, making this even more collectible.


Keep the bowl out of direct sunlight and never under a hot light, especially in an enclosed display case. Bowls should be waxed or oiled occasionally with beeswax or mineral oil if they are to be used for food, or any good furniture oil if only for display.

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Jerry Kermode


5 1/2"H x 6 1/8"W x 7"D