Spinner Dolphins


Limited edition dry point etching on handmade paper by J.D. Mayhew. J.D. created this etching in 1977. This was done on handmade paper with bits and pieces of stuff that have been embedded into the surface of the paper itself. J. D. did not use handmade paper on a regular basis, making this even more rare and collectible. Love the way the artist made the larger dolphin in the foreground much darker that the ones farther away. That requires a very deft touch with the etching tool.

Scrimshaw Gallery featured J.D.’s work for over three decades. J.D. passed away in 2004 and we have just a few of his prized etchings still available. This is the only unframed copy we have in the Gallery. If you ever had the opportunity to see or own a Mayhew, you realize just how special his work was. This is something a collector will want to keep in the family and pass down to other family members.

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